Madagascar - Dark chocolate 65% cocoa

Madagascar - Dark chocolate 65% cocoa

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Description: Madagascar - Dark chocolate 65% cocoa. 

Ingredients: Cocoa* (65% cocoa minium), cane sugar* cocoa butter*, emulsifier: soya lecithin*.

Allergens: This product might contain traces of milk, almonds, hazelnut and pistachio. 

Net weight: 1.76 Oz. (50 g.)

Taste: In the north of Madagascar, the plantation of cocoa is surrounded by tamarind trees which give the beans their unique fruity flavour. Very sour a high cocoa content, this chocolate reveals a certain bitterness and fruity, citrus notes. 

Pairing ingredients: Vanilla, Saffron, Lima, Candy, Spanish Wine Pedro Ximénez, Licorice, Raisin. 

* Organic Production

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