All our ingredients are carefully selects from green sources by Chocolate Orgániko of small producers who, in a rigorous and respectful of the environment, care for and cultivate their lands without Pesticides or Herbicides.

Chocolate Organiko designs and makes its own chocolates, from Trinitario cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic and Caribean Islands. A 100% natural fine chocolate aroma and flavor. 
Discover a world of sensations in format of 70 gr. 

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Dark chocolate 70% cocoa

Discover our purest chocolate.

Tart, bitter and delicate flavour... 


3.80 *

Milk chocolate 36% cocoa with Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar

Pollachi is an ecological vanilla plantation,

unique in the world…


3.80 *

Dark chocolate with extra virgin olive oil

Soft and creamy black chocolate, enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.… 


3.80 *

White Chocolate 30% cocoa with Lemon and Cinnamon

White chocolate, manufactured with

cane sugar and milk...


3.80 *

Dark chocolate 70% cocoa with Fleur de Sel from Ibiza

A touch of Fleur de Sel of Ibiza, stimulate

the flavour heightening…


3.80 *

Milk chocolate 36% cocoa with Orange and Cardamom

A smooth and balanced flavour

with hints of orange blossom.…


3.80 *

Milk chocolate 36% cocoa with Honey and Almonds

All the flavor of the cocoa tinted

with fresh touches of milk.


3.80 *

Milk chocolate 46% cocoa with Chili, Vanilla and Cinnamon

All the flavor of the cocoa tinted with fresh touches of milk.


3.80 *

Dark chocolate 56% cocoa with Mint

Soft and very aromatic chocolate.

Stands out the contrast of acid flavor…


3.80 *

Dark ChocoLate 95% Cocoa

Dark Chocolate, very bitter,

with an intense aroma of cocoa beans…


3.80 *
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